Beelink GT1 Ultimate

Currently, TV-Box is a device that most homes want to have in their living room. This is a device that allows you to access the Internet from your smart TV. Beelink GT1 is among the most desired Android Box of the moment. What motivated us to evaluate its real performance.

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Introducing the Android TV Box Beelink GT1

Beelink GT1 Ultimate is a TV Box Android 7. It runs on an Android operating system Mashmallow 6.0, which can be updated to Android Nougat 7.0.

Like a smartphone or tablet, this Android-Box allows you to install the applications through Play Store, App Store or other download sites. However, it must be admitted that navigation, which is done by infrared remote control, It can be much more complex.

As for its design, Beelink GT1 Ultimate is an Android-Box of the most elegant. Its black color allows you to integrate it with all kinds of decorations at your sole discretion.

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Features of Ultimate GT1 Beelink

In addition to its aesthetics, the Android-Box Beelink GT1 Ultimate has a very fluid interface. You will find all the tabs that are normally found on other Android devices. Connected to this device, your TV will quickly become a smart TV.

In addition, you can also create shortcuts to applications according to your wishes and needs. In addition to all its features, Beelink GT1 Ultimate also has KODI functionality.

It is a very recent video file player that allows you to watch your favorite streaming videos without having to download them. In addition, the device supports the best image quality. It is actually compatible with HD files, Full HD, 4K x 2K.

The Beelink GT1, is it what is needed for IPTV?

With respect to IPTV subscriptions, Beelink GT1 Ultimate is effective. It allows you to enjoy all your favorite TV channels through different devices.

However, since most of the IPTV subscriptions offered on the Internet are illegal, check well before subscribing to a provider.

However, if you are attracted to this type of illegal subscriptions due to its very interesting price, we strongly recommend installing a VPN in your TV-Box MXQ Pro Max 4k. All the information about you and your identity will be completely secure.

Where to buy this box at an affordable price?

As Beelink GT1 Ultimate is one of the most desired Android TV Box of the moment, you can easily find it in stores, either in Britain or abroad.

In fact, this Android-Box is for sale in most department stores that specialize in the sale of electronic products or anything related to technology.

However, if you want to get Beelink GT1 Ultimate at a good price, we strongly recommend making the purchase online. This Android-Box is already available in the most famous sales sites, such as Amazon, Gearbest and Aliexpress. The price remains to be compared.

Technical Features

In comparison with other Android-Box in the market, it must be said that Beelink GT1 Ultimate is a quite powerful device. runs under an AmLogic S912 Octo core A53 2GHz 64-bit processor and an ARM Mali-T820MP3 650 MHz graphics processor.

That is what makes it so powerful. Therefore, the use of the Android-Box is fluid and without any bug. In terms of memory, it has 3 Go of RAM in DDR4, which gives you a very good flow to watch your favorite videos.

It must be said that the Beelink GT1 Ultimate is also an Android-Box very advantageous in terms of connectivity. In fact, it is equipped with 4 USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI 2.0 output. Therefore, it can be connected to an external hard drive or mouse for easy navigation.

In addition, the Android-Box is also equipped with S / PDIF audio output and a MicroSDXC card reader. Running on an 802.11 WiFi, this Andoid-Box model also has a Bluetooth system that allows you to connect wireless controllers for convenience during game sessions.

For audio and video functions, the camera supports HDR and Dolby Vision. Ainsi, and you will not have problems in which you can see a multimedia file in M% PEG-4 format in Full HD 60 fps, in H.264 in 4K x 2K with 60 images / s, in H.265 HEVC and VP9-10.

Gamers can also enjoy Beelink GT1 Ultimate for HD game sessions as the device’s memory is quite high.

Beelink GT1 review

Our review on the Beelink GT1 Ultimate IPTV.

After having tested the Beelink GT1 Ultimate, we can tell you that it is a powerful device with many advantages. The power of its processor allows it to support heavier applications and games, especially those in 3D.

The Android-Box allows both video codecs, including the H.265 10-bit. In addition, this Android-Box is popular because it is compatible with various media.

Also, it has very broad Wi-Fi bands, which is also very advantageous. With the Beelink GT1 Ultimate, video game enthusiasts and great television fans can greatly enjoy themselves. This TV Box model is therefore highly recommended.

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