H96 Max plus

The TV-Box is nowadays a necessity in a house. It is a device that lets you enjoy your favorite TV channels from around the world, as well as allowing you to access the Internet through different devices. In addition, a TV-Box allows you to play your favorite games on the web in full screen.

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Introducing the H96 Max Plus with Amlogic S905X2

The H96 Max Plus It is a very interesting Android TV-Box. It is characterized by its attractive design. With a simple geometric shape, this device stands out for its black color decorated with colored stripes with the inscription “H96 Max + 4K 32 Go”.

In a rather small size, this TV-Box model is very compact and easy to integrate into the interior decoration. For design reasons, the H96 Max Plus is different from other TV-Box models. You will find all the ports on the right side of the box.

Which is beneficial for its aesthetics, but also practical for installation. In addition, the H96 Max Plus comes with remote control for easy operation.

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Installation & Features

The TV-Box H96 Max Plus comes with a user manual. You will also find in this manual a guide that will allow you to install the TV-Box more easily. In short, you simply need to connect your TV-Box to the TV using the HDMI cable.

Try to secure the box at the foot of the TV to ensure its stability. You can also connect other accessories to your TV-Box H96 Max Plus.

In addition, this TV-Box is equipped with WiFi connectivity that allows you a wireless Internet connection. For greater stability in the connection, you can also use the Ethernet port that allows you a cable connection.

The H96 Max Plus rk3328, is it what I need for IPTV?

It must be said that the TV-Box of Android H96 Max plus is a very efficient TV-Box for use in IPTV. On demand, it allows you to enjoy many TV channels from different devices.

However, you should remember that most of the IPTV subscriptions offered on the Internet are illegal. Therefore, it is essential to verify the information before subscribing to any subscription provider.

However, if you are interested in this type of illegal subscriptions, due to its good price, we strongly recommend using a VPN when using your H96 Max Plus. This will give you greater security against any potential problem with your IPTV subscription and all your other Internet activities.

Where to buy this TV-Box at the best price?

As H96 Max Plus is a very popular TV-Box model, you will not have trouble finding it. In fact, this TV-Box surely already is sold in all the big stores in your city and abroad.

However, if you want to buy this TV-Box at the best price, it is better to make the purchase on the Internet, and not at a local store. To avoid any scam, we recommend that you visit Amazon.

Technical Features

From the technical point of view, we must admit that the Android H96 Max Plus box is very powerful. It has several ports on its right side, which facilitates the connection. It has an operating system that allows seamless navigation and no bugs.

In addition, we must also mention that all the power of this device comes from its excellent configuration. Actually, it works with an Amlogic S905 X2 processor RK3328 Quad Core 64bit Cortex A-53. ARM Mali 750-MHz graphics card 450, which offers excellent image and sound quality.

As for its memory, it has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage memory. This allows you to store applications, video games, and even movies according to your wishes.

For more details, the Android H96 Max Plus TB-Box is equipped with :

  • An operative system Android 8.1 Oréo, the latest Android version
  • An Amlogic processor S905 X2 RK3328 Quad Core 64bit Cortex A-53
  • An ARM Mali 450 750 MHz graphics card 4 Go of RAM and 32 Go of ROM memory
  • A WiFi connectivity 2.4G / 5G WiFi, 802.11 b / g / n, with a LAN of 100 M9, which allows you a wireless internet connection.
  • A USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports, which allow you to connect to the TV-Box of different devices, including an external hard drive, a mouse, a keyboard or a USB key
  • An HDMI output to ensure video output
  • An EU charger to power the device.

h96 max plus review

Our opinion about the H96 Max Plus

The tests of this TV-Box H96 Max Plus allowed us to deduce that this is a very interesting device. Its first advantage is its attractive design and small size that allows great ease of installation.

With all the necessary ports for a TV-Box, it is also very convenient in terms of connectivity. However, it should be noted that the H96 Max Plus does not have Bluetooth functionality, which makes it a bit flat.

The absence of this function prevents users from connecting wireless devices to the TV-Box, such as a mouse, keyboard or wireless controllers. Despite this, its configuration is the advantage of the H96 Max Plus.

It allows a smooth navigation without latency of the system. The power of your graphics card allows this TV-Box to provide excellent image quality and be compatible with all video games, even the heaviest ones.

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