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Android TV-Boxes are today part of the most popular and most purchased electronic devices of the moment. In fact, they offer their users the opportunity to enjoy digital television in a different way, but also to easily access the Internet with their television.

So it is a very useful device for the whole family. With the wide variety of models that circulate in the Android TV market, we decided to test a specific model. We chose TV-Box X96 Max, the first Android TV-Box version that works with the Amlogic s905x2 technology.

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Introducing the TV Box X96 max

TV Box X96 Max is a square-shaped device that can be placed on your TV or on the table in your living room.

This Android TV Box has been marketed under different models, one of these models is the TV-Box with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory and another with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM.

The TV-Box X96 MAX is delivered in its original packaging, TV-Box itself, a Rii-type remote control that has an alphanumeric keyboard for remote control of the TV-Box, an HDMI cable that you will connect to the HGMI 2.0 port of the TV-Box to ensure that the video output and the power cable of the box work well. This TV-Box is easy to use and is very compact with dimensions of 10.50 x 10.50 x 2.80 cm by 150 g.

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The first feature of the X96 Max TV box is to allow you to easily connect your TV without an Internet connection. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to surf the Internet from the screen of your TV and perform on your TV the different activities you perform with your smartphone or tablet once you are online.

On the other hand, the TV box X96 MAX will allow all the fans of series and movies to enjoy their favorite programs in full screen with a resolution of the image in high resolution and even in 4K.

You also have the possibility to play different Android games on your TV screen thanks to this TV-Box. Many of the games are also available in the Play Store and you can download them to your TV-Box to play with them.

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The X96 max, is what is needed for IPTV?

If you are looking for a TV-Box to access IPTV, the TV-Box X96 Max is the most suitable. In fact, the Kodi application is already installed in this TV-Box.

As a reminder, the Kodi application is a video player that will allow you to watch movies and series in real time without interruptions in HD or 4K. Thanks to its complements, you will have the possibility of accessing all the IPTV channels on the Web.

If you are a Netflix or MyCanal lover, you can access them without any problem. In the same way, you can watch videos on YouTube without any difficulty. The TV-Box X96 Max is the tool you need to access different IPTV on the Internet.

Where to buy this TV Box at an economical price?

The best place to buy the X96 Max TV-box is to go through the most famous online sales platforms for offering quality electronic products like Amazon or Gearbest.

By going through Amazon, you are sure to receive your TV-Boxe X96 MAX as quickly as possible and by going through Gearbest, you will be entitled to the lowest price in the market.

Caracteristicas Tecnicas : Amlogic s905x2

Un potente procesador

La TV-Box X96 Max es la primera TV-Box de Android cuyo procesador Quad-Core Cortex-A53 funciona con la tecnología Amlogic s905x2 y una memoria RAM de 4GB. Esto permite que el dispositivo funcione bien y supere a todas las demás TV-Box existentes.

El uso de la TV-Box es muy fluido y los problemas de errores son casi inexistentes. Además, su tarjeta gráfica Mali-G31 MP2 es igualmente poderosa, lo que permite a la TV-Box ofrecer a sus usuarios imágenes y videos de alta calidad.

También es posible cambiar de una aplicación a otra desde la pantalla del televisor sin que la TV-Box o incluso la misma aplicación  se bloquea. Aunque la conectividad Bluetooth es 2.0, los procesos de la TV-Box Son bastante adecuados para diferentes versiones de conectividad, hasta 5.0. El procesador S905x2 garantiza el correcto funcionamiento de la TV-Box.


El sistema operativo de la TV-Box X96 MAX utiliza la versión Nougat 8.1 de Android. Esta versión reciente de Android permite que la TV-Box corrija todos los errores encontrados con versiones anteriores del dispositivo.También permite que la TV.Box se adapte a todas las aplicaciones de Android que los usuarios instalarán en el dispositivo sin que su funcionamiento se vea afectado.

Gran capacidad

La memoria interna muy considerable de la TV-Box X 96 Max también juega un papel muy importante en el rendimiento del dispositivo. De hecho, además de permitir a los usuarios descargar películas y series fácilmente en la TV-Box, esta gran capacidad del dispositivo hace que su uso sea rápido y fluido.

X96 Max review

Our opinion about the X96 max

The TV-Box X96Max is very powerful. It maintains its commitment to offer its users the TV-Box and in this way facilitate access to the Internet and the numerous IPTV channels that exist. The connection is also at the top since we have not noticed any interruption or an error during its use.

The quality of video and image offered by the TV-Box is equally impressive. In addition to the HD quality of the image, the 4k is added to this resolution offering the possibility to the device to offer clear and clear images and videos without any problem.

Finally, gaming with the TV-Box X96 Max is also out of the ordinary. The resolution of the games is not only impeccable, but the variety of applications already installed and those that you can download in PlayStore will please most of the players.

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