Nvidia Shield TV

For fans of streaming and video games, now you can combine your two favorite hobbies. For this, only use a TV-Box. It is a device that will totally change your TV experience.

It is worth mentioning that it is a very practical device to play in full screen. The Nvidia Shield TV-Box is considered a good reference in terms of TV-Bpx.

It has almost all the features and functionality you need in a TV-Box. However, the cost of Nvidia Shield TV more or less a bit higher than that of its competitors. What prompted us to evaluate its real performance.

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Introducing the Nvidia Shield TV

The TV-Box Nvidia Shield TV is the improved version of the one launched in 2015. It has the same design again, being smaller. Thus, it is much more elegant and more practical.

On the other hand, in length, it must be said that it imposes much more than the previous version, and is characterized by more dispersed geometric shapes. The Nvidia Shield TV Can be placed vertically or horizontally. We must also remember that it has a counterweight inside, which maintains its great stability.

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Nvidia Shield TV is an easy-to-install device. This way you can install it without the help of a professional. You will find in the package a manual that will indicate all the steps for the installation. In short, you must connect the TV-Box to your TV using the HDMI cable.

Then you must connect the infrared receiver so that the remote control of the Nvidia Shield TV works correctly. You can also consider connecting a mouse to facilitate navigation with the TV-Box. Pour To finish the installation, you must make sure that your Android-Box is firmly attached to the bottom of your TV.

Features and Applications

The Nvidia Shield TV Allows you to connect in two different ways. It is possible to connect via a cable connection through the RJ45 connector supplied with the product, which allows a flow of 1 Gbits. With this TV-Box, a connection from an AC Wi-Fi is also possible.

It works at 867 Mbits, a very high performance compared to other competitors of TV Box, which allows very fast downloads. The Nvidia Shield TV also has a Bluetooth 4.1 module, which allows the connection of joysticks for gaming sessions.


Nvidia Shield TV It is very famous for its video games. With this device, you can play in 3 different ways, including Android, GameStream or GeForce Now. These three methods are grouped in the Nvidia Games application, which makes it very practical for this TV-Box.

And also you can really navigate from one game to another and from one service to another, without any errors or latency. To make matters worse, Nvidia Shield TV provides excellent image and sound quality, which makes it a completely new experience in video games.

Where to buy the Nvidia Shield TV device at an economical price?

Nvidia Shield TV is available in many stores in your city. However, we noticed that its price in stores is quite expensive. To buy this TV-Box at the best price, we recommend that you opt for online purchase.

To do this, first, think about visiting Joom App. Also, for a low price, opt for Amazon. You can also consider comparing prices on other sites such as Aliexpress or Gearbest.

Technical Features

Nvidia Shield TV has 2 USB 3.0 ports that allow connection to a computer, external hard drive or USB memory. It also has a 4K HDR output compatible with HDMI 2.0, an ARC port instead of an optical port.

However, it is necessary to have a suitable home theater system to allow a connection through this port. Remember that all ports are placed on the back, which keeps the aesthetics of the device. When it comes to memory, the Nvidia Shield TV-Box has 16 GB of internal storage.

Which is more than enough for all your downloads and backups. In addition, those who don’t want to store on a computer, but still need a large enough memory, can opt for the use of an external hard drive.

Running under an Android TV 7.0 system, the Nvidia Shield TV is very fluid in terms of usage. In fact, it is very reactive, and no errors or blockages were reported during testing of this device, during video games or during the transmission of movies and series.

Another great advantage of Nvidia Shield TV is the Kodi feature, which is a very popular feature in TV-Box. However, in order to use this feature, it is essential to have an Internet connection. In addition, the TV-Box provides excellent image and sound quality, which is all its advantage.

Nvidia Shield TV review

Our opinion about the Nvidia Shield TV

Despite its high price, Nvidia Shield is, we can say that the best TV-Box of the moment. It comes with powerful remote control and a practical joystick, you just have to plug in the device to enjoy its performance.

In terms of multimedia, the quality of the image is exceptional, the fact that the TV-Box supports 4K videos. In addition, the games through Nvidia Shield TV are very satisfactory. All Android games are displayed in a high definition. In addition, the catalogs of games are very varied, which gives you a panel of videogame options.

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