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Today TV-Box devices are increasingly used. Therefore, they are very desired by most households. Since its appearance, these famous devices have been a success among fans of streaming and video games in full screen.

You should know that TV-Box allows you to use your TV to surf the Internet and have access to many applications and video games. Among the best-known brands in terms of electronics, Xiaomi is one of the most popular in the world. You will find in this article our opinion about its most recent TV-Box, Xiaomi Mi Box S.

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Introducing the Xiaomi Mi Box S

It has to be said that this new model of TV-Box proposed by the Xiaomi brand takes up more or less the design of the previous version, that is, the Xiaomi Mi Box 3. However, we note that the Xiaomi Mi Box S has a design little more elegant and ergonomic.

In addition, the remote control has also been recognized as more modern and more practical. On a front panel, the device is equipped with a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI output, an S / PDIF audio output and a micro SD card slot that supports up to 64 GB.

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The TV-Box comes with a manual that details the steps for installation. First connect the Xiaomi Mi Box S to the bottom of your TV so that it stays stable. Next, connect your TV-Box to the TV using the HDMI cable that is also included with the Xiaomi Mi Box S.

Don’t forget to connect the infrared receiver to use the remote control. You can also consider connecting other accessories such as a keyboard, a mouse or joysticks for convenience while using your TV-Box.

Features and Applications

Launched by the Chinese brand Xiaomi, Mi Box S is a very innovative TV-Box. Compared with the previous version, that is, the Xiaomi Mi Box 3, this version is much more efficient. Among its most obvious improvements is the ability to directly access Netflix because it has a specific button for it in the remote control.

However, unlike the Mi Box 3, this TV-Bpx does not have a Google voice assistant, which makes it a bit flat. However, the Xiaomi Mi Box S has more memory and is equipped with ChromeCast, which is all its advantage.

My Box S, is it working for IPTV?

This TV-Box model is really effective for IPTV. It allows you to watch your favorite shows and play your favorite video games in full screen. With an excellent image quality, the Xiaomi Mi Box S will make you enjoy a new experience on your TV.

However, it must be taken into account that most of the IPTV subscriptions offered by resellers over the Internet don’t comply with the law. So, to avoid problems, find out before buying subscriptions from any provider.

Where to buy this Xiaomi TV-Box at an economical price?

The Android TV Box Xiaomi Mi Box S is already available in various stores. However, to buy this TV-Box at a good price, we recommend that you choose for online purchase.

Many online sales sites actually offer the Xiaomi Mi Box S at an affordable price. Therefore, we recommend you visit the Joom App. You can also find this TV-Box on Amazon at an excellent price.

Xiaomi Mi Box S review

Technical Features

The multi-core graphics processor, Xiaomi Mi Box S offers HDR compatibility from 4k to 60 frames per second. It runs under the Oréo operating system of Android 8.1, supports Dolby DTS audio. The box is equipped with a duplicated Mali-450 GPU processor with a Core Cortex A53, which gives the latter a very high aptitude.
If we talk about connectivity, you should bear in mind that the Xiaomi Mi Box S has a Bluetooth version 4.2. This allows you to connect a mouse to facilitate the use of the TV-Box, or the joysticks to play more comfortably in full screen.

AWith Chromecast features and Google voice assistants, this TV-Box model is very advantageous compared to the TV-Box that its competitors have in the market. Remember that the remote control, which works via Bluetooth, also provides Google voice assistance.

In terms of memory, the Android TV-Box is equipped with a 2 GB DDR 3 RAM and an 8 GB RAM memory EMMC. Thanks to this storage, you can download and save your favorite applications, videos and video games with great stability and broadband downloads.

In addition, to inform you, we had difficulties with some of the heaviest videogames .. In addition to great responsiveness and no error during navigation, the Xiaomi Mi Box S is also very advantageous because it has the Kodi function.

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Our opinion about the Xiaomi Mi Box S

After testing the latest model of TV-Box launched by the great Chinese brand Xiaomi, we can finally give you our verdict on the Xiaomi Mi Box S. We have discovered that it is a powerful and innovative device.

In addition, compared to the previous version, the Xiaomi Mi Box 3, this new device has been improved a bit. In fact, the two models are not so different in terms of performance.

Like the previous version, the Xiaomi Mi Box S has many of the most popular features in a TV-Box. Therefore, we can advise you to buy this device due to its great practicality.

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