Xiaomi Mi Box 3

The famous Android TV Box are currently the most desired devices by most households. Since their inception, they have proven to be enthusiastic about streaming movies and online video games. An Android Box also allows you to use your TV to surf the Internet and access various applications. You will find in this article our review on the TV Box Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k​.

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Introducing the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 International

Among the leading multimedia device designers in the world, the Xiaomi brand is considered one of the most reliable in terms of quality. This brand has impressed its customers for a long time in the field of electronic devices, especially smartphones.

Recently, the Xiaomi brand has launched the new Android-Box model, the Xiami Mi Box 3 4k international. This model of Android-Box is compact and has a quite original design. Black in color, it has a relatively small size and has a curved appearance, which allows it to be compact and, therefore, easy to place at the bottom of your TV.

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Since it was recently launched, the Android-Box Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k is an innovative device that is very simple to install. As soon as you acquire this Android-Box, you can easily install it, without having to hire the help of a professional.

You will find inside the packaging of the product a manual that will guide you, step by step, and will indicate all the actions to follow to correctly install the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k. In a few words, you must first decide where you will place the Android-Box taking into account that in most cases, it is placed on the back of the TV

Then, remember to connect the Android-Box to your TV using the HDMI cable. Then you must connect the infrared receiver, which will allow you to operate the remote control of the Xiomi Mi Box 3 4k.

You can also consider connecting a mouse and a keyboard to facilitate the use of the box.


As for the firmware, it should be recognized that the Android-Box model Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k is quite powerful. It has an activation system that allows you to turn it on easily. As for its bit system, it is 64 bits.

The Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k, is it effective for IPTV?

The Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k is very efficient for IPTV subscriptions. This Android-Box model allows you to watch your favorite channels through an IP network.

In addition, with the excellent image quality and sound provided by the Android-Box, you will get a better TV experience. However, since most of the IPTV subscriptions offered on the Internet are illegal, it is essential to remain vigilant before buying subscriptions from any reseller.

Where to buy it at an affordable price?

It should be noted that the Android Box Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k is available in many stores in Europe. However, as it is a recently launched device, it is obvious that its price in stores can be quite expensive.

To buy this famous Android TV Box at the best price, we recommend that you opt for an online purchase. In fact, many online sales sites already offer the Android-Box Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k at an affordable price.

To buy the Android-Box at the best price, we strongly recommend Joom app. In addition, the famous Amazon sales site can also be advantageous for the purchase of the Android-Box. And you can consider comparing prices on other sites, such as Aliexpress or Gearbest.

Technical Features

We must admit that the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k model proves to be practical and efficient. Just as the name says the device has a function in 4k, we can say that this Android-Box model is exclusive.

It has an HDMI 2.0 cable output for video output. The Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k also comes with SPDIF audio output and a USB 2.0 port to read an external hard drive. It uses a Core A53 2.0 GHz processor, which improves its power.

In addition, it has an ARM Mali-450 750 MHz graphics card. To make matters worse, its RAM is 2 Go, while its storage memory is 8 Go, which allows you to record your favorite programs on your Android-Box.

In terms of connectivity, it must be said that the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k is more or less limited. Only one WiFi network counts, but it does not have an Ethernet connector or SD card slot.

You should also bear in mind that the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k has KODI functionality, which allows you to play your favorite videos locally. When it comes to gaming activities, this model is quite limited due to the useless control, unless you use compatible controllers


Mi Box 3 4k opiniones

Our review of Xiaomi Mi Box 3

After having tested the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k, we can tell you that this Android-Box model is powerful despite presenting some small deficiencies. As for its design, we can say that it is elegant and discreet, making it an easy-to-install Android-Box. In terms of connectivity, the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k is restricted because it does not have an Ethernet port or an SD card slot.

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In terms of audiovisual quality, we must admit that this Android-Box model is very advantageous thanks to its 4k function which is very satisfactory in terms of streaming movies or video games.

In addition, the Android 6.0 Mashmallow system allows great fluidity for Internet searches and video game sessions. On the other hand, the storage memory of the box, which is only 8 Go, greatly limits the downloads of applications.


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