The Android TV-Box is today a very modern device, adopted by most households in many countries of the world. This is a smart device that allows you to access TV channels through the Internet and play video games in full screen. Discover in this article our opinion about the Mag 322 of Informer.

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Introducing the Android TV Box Mag 322

The IPTV device Mag 322 is the latest brand that Informir has launched. As part of a high-end, high-tech generation, it is particularly attractive to video game and streaming enthusiasts. The TV-Box It is characterized by its elegant design.

Of black color, the Mag 322 is of a small size and weighs only 144 grams. Therefore, it can be placed very easily in the living room. On the front of the device there is a USB port and an operation LED, which is part of the aesthetics of this box. For convenience, all other ports are placed on the back of the box.

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On the technical side, the Mag 322 has two USB 2.0 ports, one on the front and one on the back. It also comes with S / PDIF optical audio output, HDMI 1.4b output, flanged Ethernet port limited to 100 Mbit / s and stereo A / V output.

In addition, high multimedia compatibility accompanies these external interfaces. In fact, the TV-Box Mag 322 can be used with the local network NAS and PC so that the reading of all media is continuous, including RTSP, HTTP, IGMP, etc.

The Mag 322w1, is it what is needed for the IPTV?

The latest IPTV TV-Box from the Informir brand, the Mag 322 is considered the best alternative in terms of IPTV subscriptions. This TV-Box is in fact very effective to benefit from a complete multimedia service.

It allows all the fans of streaming and video games to capture, on demand, countless channels from all over the planet. By choosing the IPTV TV 322 Mag 322, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.

It should be noted, however, that a large number of IPTV subscriptions offered on the web are illegal. So remember to ask and research before subscribing to a provider.

Where to buy this TV-Box at a cheaper price?

As this is a very sought-after device, the Mag 322 is marketed in most electronics stores. You can also consider buying this TV-Box online.

You will find on the web many sites that offer the Mag 322. However, it is important to remember that each website can offer the product at a different price. To get this TV Box at a good price, you can download the Joom application. However, for a better price, we strongly recommend choosing the well-known website Amazon.

Technical Features

The TV-Box Mag 322 works with a central MIPS 4 KE dual core processor with the BCM75839 chipset. Its performance of 2,000 DMIPS is optimal, and is very innovative compared to the previous models offered by the Informir brand.

As for its memory, the device is equipped with a 512 Mb RAM memory and a 512 Mb flash memory. It should be mentioned that this memory is enough to play high quality videos. Also, keep in mind that you will not find errors or blockages during the playback of your streamings, even when the image quality is optimal.

The Mag 322 is also compatible with the Linux 3.3 operating system. With the TV-Box Mag 322 of Informir, all audio and video formats are compatible, including MEPG, OGG, WAV, MP3, MPA, etc. Regarding the definition of video, it must be said that it depends to a large extent on the chosen channel.

In terms of connectivity, the TV-Box allows you to connect through a WiFi module in accordance with 802.11b / b / n. In addition, a great advantage of the Mag 322 is that it is an open platform that allows you to easily change the configuration of an application.

To connect to the Internet, you can also choose a cable connection that, in most cases, is more fluid than a wireless connection. In addition to its great response capacity, you must take into account that the operation of the TV-Box Mag 322 is easier thanks to the remote control that can control any support of the TV-Box.

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Our opinion about the Android box Mag 322w1

After having tested the Mag 322 of the Informir brand, we can tell you that it is an ergonomic and powerful device in terms of IPTV. This comes with all accessories, including remote control, an HDMI cable, batteries, and a 12V / 1A power adapter.

It should be noted that each of the features of this TV-Box are in good working order. Likewise, the interface is very aesthetic as well as being very practical. Regarding navigation, we can say that the use of Mag 322 is very fluid and free of bugs. With excellent image and sound quality, the Mag 322 Informir device is highly recommended.

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  1. John Bacon

    I will be utilising the box in UK. Do I need to use a VPN?

  2. Louis

    Can you get English subtitles on the mag 322 , if so how do you activate !

  3. Faheem Uddin

    Hi, does this box come with the ministra software like the latest models? Thanks.


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