What are the Best TV-Box Android IPTV in 2019?

Meilleur box IPTV

TV-Box, also known as Android Box or Smart TV Box, is increasingly in demand. In fact, these small, not very expensive devices can turn your TV into a Smart TV. Your television will become a mini computer connected to the internet.

Here you have the ranking of the best Android TV Box of the moment, complemented by our tests and opinions on each of them.

What is an Android Box for?

The Android Box as its name says, are devices that run under the Android operating system developed by Google. It is the same operating system that is found in most smartphones, except iPhones.

So, these TV-Box that you connect to your TV allows you to turn your TV into a smart TV. The advantage is that it is much cheaper than buying a Samsung Smart TV directly, for example. Because they are very expensive.

Internet connection

Once your TV is connected to your Android-Box and this is connected to your Wifi network, you will have direct access to the Internet on your TV. With this you will have access to a lot of applications. either on your smartphone or tablet, direct access from your remote control. You can surf the web, use Facebook, YouTube or even Netflix quickly and easily.

Access to IPTV and streaming content.

These IPTV-Box allow you to access many Streaming and IPTV applications. Learn more about IPTV..

Watch out! Many IPTV applications and subscriptions are illegal. Because they don’t respect the rights of the author and diffusion. It is your responsibility to investigate which ones are legal or not according to your geographical area. We do not encourage or advise the use of illegal IPTV sites and transmissions.

And we strongly recommend that you always use the official stations. as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or applications of official channels such as Bein Sport or Canal+.


Some Android-Box has a performance very similar to some computers. This makes it possible for you to run some video games, as you would on your computer or smartphone. In fact, some IPTV-Box has very good RAM, and even in rare cases a good graphics card. What actually increases the price a bit compared to the basic models.

Discover now our ranking of the most powerful IPTV-Box. You will find the IPTV-Box you need according to your needs.

1. Nvidia TV Shield: The revolutionary IPTV-Box of estreaming


best android box iptv

The IPTV-Box designed by the renowned graphics card manufacturer is the most efficient high-end Android-Box. In fact, this IPTV-Box takes advantage of the brand’s excellence to offer an ultra-complete IPTV-Box that will appeal to both gamers and users who simply want to read high-quality content without problems.


  • An incredible image quality: 4K UHD and HDR display.
  • Best machine for streaming.
  • RAM 3 GO, ROM 16 GO, expandable storage USB and NAS, HDMI, Ethernet.
  • Access to Cloud gaming services GeForce Now
  • Access to Google Assistant and Play Store.
  • Access to Android TV, KODI, Netflix, Amazon Video, Youtube, Shopify, Apple Music.
  • Chromecast
  • Search by intelligent voice recognition, without the need for a keyboard.
  • Available with a gamepad.
  • Constant update of the Android operating system.
  • Nvidia Services.

Find this IPTV-Box at the best price in Amazon.

Learn more about the box. Nvidia TV Shield.

2. Xiaomi Mi Box S: The best offer

best android box

The giant of Chinese electronics occupies a very important place in the Android Box market. Particularly thanks to the Xiaomi Mi Box 3, which was a total success. Xiaomi continues to present itself as a leader in the Android market, with its new model: La Mi Box S. This Android IPTV-Box is the best quality / price ratio of the moment. In fact, the Mi Box S is very complete and powerful, and allows access to all the functions that would be expected from an IPTV-Box. All this with an elegant and refined design.

Features of the My Box S

  • Video output 4K UHD & HDR.
  • Ports: USB Type-A, HDMI 2.0a, SPDIF 3.5mm audio output and power.
  • Amlogic S905L
  • RAM 2 GO, ROM 8 GO (5GO accessibles).
  • Android TV & PlayStore Integrated.
  • Compatible: Youtube, MyCanal, RMC Sport, Molotov TV, Kodi.
    Google Assistant & Chromecast even.
  • Constant update of Android.
    Supplied with remote control with shortcuts for Netflix and integrated micro .
  • Voice control
  • Support des son Dolby et DTS Surround
  • Without Ethernet (Connected via USB adapter).

Find this IPTV-Box in Amazon, Gearbest o Aliexpress.

To know more about the Xiaomi Mi Box S.

3. X96 Mini: The cheap Android-Box

best smart TV box

The X96 mini developed by Sunnzo is one of the most economical IPTV-Box on the market. What is even more surprising is its power and high performance at such an economical price. This IPTV-Box Chinese brand is perfect for general use and is a very good multimedia player.

The Features

  • Available with RAM 2GO + ROM 16GO or RAM 1GO + ROM 8 GO.
  • Android operating system
  • USB compatible hard disk or TF card up to 64GO.
  • Processor Amlogic S905W, Quad Core, 2GHz.
  • Penta-core GPU Mali-450MP 750 MHz et HD 2.0.
  • Compatible with Kodi, Netflix, Amazon Video, MyCanal, Youtube, Molotov TV.
  • HDMI output, Ethernet port.
  • Play Store and Google Play intégrés.
  • Remote control and HDMI cable.
  • No bluetooth.

Find this IPTV-Box in Amazon, Gearbest et Aliexpress.

To know a little more about the X96 mini.

4. MXQ Pro MAX S 4K: One of the most powerful.

Box Android

The MXQ Pro Max 4K It is one of the most recent IPTV-Box, with high performance technical characteristics. It is almost as powerful as some laptops, and is considered a mini PC. This Android-Box allows you to enjoy an image of up to 4K of very high resolution. While it has a great fluidity, even for high quality content. All this at a very reasonable price.


  • 4 GO RAM + 32 GO ROM expandable 128 GO with micro SD card
  • Android operating system
  • 4K and 3D support
  • 1 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0
    2.4 G WiFi
  • Play Store
    Compatible Kodi, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Molotov.
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Find this IPTV-Box only available in Amazon for the time being.

If you want to know more about the MXQ Pro Max S

5. The MAG 322 of Infomir: The best IPTV-Box

box iptv

Infomir is a brand specialized in IPTV-Box. After the great success of the well-known Mag 254 and 256, Infomir offers a new IPTV-Box even more powerful: the Mag 322. This IPTV-Box is specially designed and is very powerful for IPTV. But it can be a bit more difficult to handle than a classic Android-Box.


  • High performance processor under the BCM75839 chipset.
  • RAM 512 Mo.
  • Linux kernel.
  • Integrated multimedia portal with IPTV function using Webkit
  • HEVC Compatibility Reduce the load on your network.
  • Compatible 3D video.
  • HDMI 1.4b output, 2 USB 2.0, Ethernet port.
  • It is supplied with a cable. HDMI,
  • emote control and 2 AAA batteries.

Only available in Amazon.

If you want to know more about the Mag 322.

Conclusion about the best Android TV-Boxes

In summary, if you are looking for a high-end IPTV-Box and high-resolution streaming and Gaming Box, Nvidia is what you need. To obtain the best quality / price ratio, we recommend the Mi Box S, which is one of the most reliable in the market. If you are looking for a simple and cheap media player, the X96 mini is ideal for you. The MXQ Pro Max S is perfect for turning your TV into a mini PC, thanks to its high storage capacity and high performance. If you are looking for a more IPTV-centric box and you feel comfortable with this environment, the MAG 322 open source box will be the ideal. See also our opinion about the Z8

To conclude, numerous Android-Box are already available in the market. And it can be difficult to make a choice. That’s why we hope this ranking has been useful.

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