The Android TV Box is an IPTV device that today is very desed. It allows you to access TV channels from an IP network and play video games in full screen. Discover in this article our review and proof about the Mag 254 of Informir​.

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Introducing the TV Box Mag 254 Infomir

The IPTV-Box Mag 254 of the Informir brand is an intelligent device that allows you to access video and audio signals without having to store them.

In short, it is a decoder that provides television channels. Its great advantage is the fact that it does not require the presence of any antenna to operate.

See the successor of Mag 254, the Mag 322.

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The IPTV-Box Mag 254 of the Informir brand It is an innovative device and very easy to install. As soon as you acquire this device, you can install it by yourself, without the help of a professional.

Packed together with the decoder, you will find a user manual that will tell you all the steps to install correctly the Mag 254.

  • To begin, you must first place the TV-Box on the back of the television.
  • Then you need to connect it to your TV using the HDMI cable, which is also supplied with the TV-Box.
  • Then you must connect the infrared receiver, which will allow you to put the remote control of the TV-Box into operation.
  • You can also consider connecting a mouse to facilitate the navigation with the TV-Box.
  • To finalize your installation, you must make sure that your Android TV-Box is firmly fixed at the bottom of your TV.

Features and Applications

The Mag 254 from Infomir has a simple but elegant and ergonomic design. It comes in a discreet black color, which allows you to easily integrate it into the decoration of the living room or bedroom.

In addition, the small size of the device makes it very compact. At the top, it shows the “Mag” cards. To highlight its aesthetics, the TV-Box only has a USB input on the front, with an operating LED. All other ports are on the back.

Where to buy the TV-Box Mag 254 at a good price?

It should be noted that the Informir Mag 254 TV-Box is available in many stores in Europe. However, its price in stores can be quite expensive.

To buy this TV-Box model at the best price, we recommend that you opt for an online purchase. In fact, many online sales sites offer the Android TV Mag 254 at a very affordable price.

To buy the TV-Box at the best price, the Joom website is highly recommended. On the other hand, the famous sales site. Amazon It can also be very advantageous for the purchase of this TV-Box. On the other hand you can consider comparing prices in other e-commerce sites such as Aliexpress or Gearbest.

Technical Features

It must be admitted that the Mag 254 device of the Informir brand is quite practical and powerful. To facilitate connectivity, it has an HDMI 1.4 cable output that allows video output and S / PDIF audio output.

In terms of memory, it has a RAM of 512 Mb and a flash memory of 256 Mb. We must admit that this space is not really enough for the downloads as for the backup copies of the applications.

However, to solve this problem, the TV-Box Mag 254 is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports that allow users to connect an external hard drive to the TV-Box to obtain more storage memory..

In addition, the device uses a STiH 207 processor, which gives it all its power. On the other hand, it runs under a Linux 2.6.23 operating system and demonstrates a performance of 3500 DMIPS.

In terms of connectivity, the Mag 254 is also equipped with a Composite + Stereo A / V output, as well as a 100 Mb / s Ethernet connector. In addition, the Middleware devices it supports are: Netup, Netris, Minister-TV Platform, Beenius, SmartLabs and Stalker.

It is also worth remembering that the TV-Box Mag 254 is very powerful in terms of sound and video quality. In fact, it is compatible with all video formats, including WMV, QT, ASF, MP4, MOV, AVI, VOB, M2TS, MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS and even MKV. It also allows image resolutions such as 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 576p, 480p, PAL and NTSC.

Our review about the IPTV-Box Mag 254

After trying the TV-Box Mag 254 of the Informir brand, we can tell you that this box model is quite powerful, but it has some small details.

As for its design, it is elegant and discreet, making it an easy-to-install TV-Box. In terms of audiovisual quality, it must be said that this TV-Box model is satisfactory, but it does not outperform its competitors in the market.

On the other hand, its biggest flaw lies in its storage capacity. In fact, the storage memory that is only 512 Mb limits downloads. However, in terms of price, this model is quite economical.

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