Watching content in streaming and IPTV has become one of the favorite pastimes of people. Many households have subscribed to these services to access this new way of watching television and the various programs offered by these channels. In addition there are applications with which you can easily access these IPTV channels.

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What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV eIt is a way of watching television through a network that uses internet protocol. This is a way to access TV channels, video platforms and video games from the Internet on your connected devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, PC and even your TV screen.

Therefore, it is possible to see these programs wherever you are and at any time of day, as long as you have an Internet connection available. The advantage of this type of protocol is that many providers offer access to many channels at very attractive prices. What explains the enthusiasm of people for this service. Although this is a legal practice, be careful because not all subscriptions are legal.

How IPTV application work?

An IPTV application is the application with which you access digital content from the Internet on your smartphone or tablet and on your Android TV-Box. The application works as a player that supports all formats and IPTV links of IPTV channels on the Internet, as well as those of streaming platforms. In fact, IPTV applications will allow you to easily read m3u files and IPTV channel links on your connected devices without any problem.

We would like to emphasize that IPTV applications are completely legal applications, so you can use them without any problem. However, they don’t come with links or subscriptions to IPTV. You will have to subscribe to a provider of IPTV channels to legally access the digital content on your connected devices.

The best IPTV APP

Here is our list of the best IPTV applications:

1. Smart IPTV: IPTV android tv application

Smart IPTV is an application that lets you enjoy streaming content from the Internet on your connected devices. Whether on your smartphone, tablet or on the TV screen with a TV-Box, the application is the ideal tool for you.

Through the application, you can easily access different and many IPTV channels with different devices. With this IPTV application, your connected devices can read the m3u links and all the contents of the IPTV channels and the streaming platforms without any problem. All this with a high resolution image. In fact, the application facilitates the reproduction of 4K and 3D videos. The application is completely legal, which could make it illegal is the type of services you subscribe to.

In fact, some subscriptions are illegal. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention before choosing a subscription. So that you can download the application and use it without problems, you will only have to subscribe to a legal provider.

app iptv

2. Tivimate one of the best IPTV app

Tivimate is an IPTV application created and developed by AR Mobile Dev. The application has recently been launched and is a success among users of IPTV applications.

With this application, you can easily view all the content of IPTV channels on the Internet, as well as those of video streaming platforms. At the moment, this version of the application is a trial version. In fact, the Tivimate application is not yet complete, it is not yet equipped with the Replay option and the VOD option.

However, even if it is an incomplete application, it is efficient and effective to read m3u links and different IPTV channel formats. In addition, it works with Android TV-Box, smartphones and Android tablets. In addition, the application is legal and you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

But, you must subscribe to an IPTV channel provider to use it because it does not come with subscriptions or IPTV links. Remember to subscribe only to legal providers.

mejor iptv

3. Molotov TV : 100% legal

Molotov TV

is an IPTV application that provides access to live or delayed Spanish channels on your smartphone or tablet and even your Android TV-Box.

The application was launched in July 2016. It is compatible with all devices under operating systems: iOS and Android.

It is also a legal application that supports all content formats of IPTV channels.

In addition, its contents are legal, because the developers of the application have received authorization to disseminate these contents. The Molotov TV application has many advantages:

  • Access more than 33 Spanish channels on your smartphone and tablet with a free basic subscription offer.
  • The possibility of watching the program live or delayed.
  • List of programs of all available channels at any time with the programs divided by category.

So this is the reference application if you want to easily access the Spanish television channels wherever and when you want. And since it is a legal application, you will not have any problem with the law if you use it.

mejores app iptv

Our review on IPTV APP

IPTV applications are completely legal applications. What makes the use of the application illegal is the subscription and access to illegal subscriptions from the application.

In fact, some subscription providers to IPTV channels are not allowed to offer this subscription content, much less to broadcast them..

If you do not want to take the risk of paying a large fine and your Internet connection is limited, we recommend that you don’t subscribe to this type of service.

There are legal providers from which you can subscribe to a legal service and enjoy them with the IPTV application of your choice.

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